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invest in our Children

Together we can act to ensure every child has a real opportunity to succeed.


The goal of Action for Delaware's Children is to be a voice for Delaware’s children, especially those living in poverty.  We believe that many Delawareans want to help these children fulfill their potential, and we seek to educate members of the public about how the state can do that.  Our hope is that the Delawareans we reach will, in turn, ask their elected representatives to make the changes needed to help these kids.

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Action for Delaware’s Children is working on four important priorities for 2023:

  • Continuing and expanding the state’s new commitment to high quality expanded school day and expanded school year services for children attending high-poverty elementary schools

  • Continuing and expanding the state’s new program to provide higher-quality, full-day Pre-K services for students who will be attending high-poverty elementary schools.

  • Continuing and expanding the state’s new program to provide vocational training and cognitive behavioral therapy to juveniles being released from the state’s juvenile detention facilities.

  • Dramatically expanding the state’s programs to encourage volunteering and mentorship by Delawareans in our public schools

Some Sobering Numbers


Highest infant mortality rate in the U.S. 


of 3rd graders living below the poverty line were proficient in reading


of mothers receive timely pre-natal care

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