Action for Delaware's Children is a not-for-profit organization set up to advocate for Delaware's at-risk children.

Our goal is to be a voice for Delaware’s at-risk children, especially those living in poverty.  We believe that many Delawareans want to help these children fulfill their potential, and we seek to educate members of the public about how the state can do that.  Our hope is that the Delawareans we reach will, in turn, ask their elected representatives to make the changes needed to help these kids.


There are dozens of registered lobbyists in Delaware.  None of them have, as their primary mission, the interests of Delaware’s at-risk children.


There are real costs to this vacuum of advocacy.  In recent years, the state has been financially healthy and tens of millions of dollars in discretionary funds have become available.  But very little of this money has been invested directly in programs that benefit at-risk children.


There are enormous gaps in the services that Delaware provides for at-risk children.


Board President: Terri Hodges, Ed.D (Past State President, Delaware PTA)

Board Vice President: Matt Denn (former AG/Lt. Governor/Insurance Commissioner)

Board Vice President: Senator Liane Sorenson

Board Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Vild (Cross & Simon)

Lori Brewington (Richards Layton &  Finger)

Tom Hanna (Harvey Hanna & Associates)

Senator Margaret Rose Henry

Clayton Hill (Emory Hill)

Jane Hovington (Lower Delaware NAACP)

Stacey Johnson (Gilliam Fellow)

Chris Kenny (Kenny Family Shop-Rite)

Dr. Laura Lawler (Delaware Chapter, American Association of Pediatrics)

Ellen Levin (Ellen and Alan Levin Family Foundation)

Maria Matos (Latin American Community Center)

Rev. Shanika Perry (Interdenominational Ministers Action Council)

Chandra Pitts (One Village Alliance)

Joe Rhoades (Rhoades & Morrow)

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